Checking for lost superannuation


Records show that North-West Tasmania has more than 9000 unclaimed superannuation accounts worth $40 million.


Liberal Senator for Tasmania Stephen Parry is encouraging Tasmanians to check if they have any lost or unclaimed superannuation.


“Latest figures from the Australian Taxation Office show that as of 30 June this year, there were 6.3 million lost and ATO-held super accounts worth almost $18 billion,” Senator Parry said.


“This is a particular reminder for people check their situation.  There are many ways people can lose contact with their superannuation including changing jobs, moving homes, or not updating their details with their superannuation fund.


“I encourage Tasmanians to log onto the ATO website to check if they have any unclaimed superannuation.”


For more information or to find out how to claim lost superannuation, visit


The encouragement for Australians to track lost superannuation comes as the Federal Government introduces a package of reforms that will deliver a strong and modern superannuation system.


It is designed to focus on delivering outcomes for all Australian super fund members who rely on these funds to secure their retirement.  This includes legislation to extend choice for fund to workers under enterprise bargaining agreements or workplace determinations.


The changes will ensure more than one million workers have the right to choose their own superannuation fund if they are currently prevented from doing so because of enterprise bargaining agreements or workplace determinations.


This will help to reduce the number of multiple accounts which inevitably lead to unclaimed and lost superannuation.

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