Government bans excessive card surcharges


Excessive card surcharging has now been banned for all businesses, continuing the Federal Liberal Government’s approach to delivering fairer financial services.


Liberal Senator for Tasmania Stephen Parry said it will give consumers the confidence that card surcharges reflect the true cost of the transaction, not an inflated price.


“The extension of the ban to all businesses follows the regime applying to large businesses from September last year,” Senator Parry said.


“Smaller businesses were granted extra time to prepare for the ban, but from now they will need to cease any excessive surcharging. Any charges must be restricted to their reasonable cost of acceptance of the payment.”


Senator Parry said consumer watchdog the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will police the rules.


If people find that they are being hit with an excessive surcharge at shops, buying tickets online or booking a holiday, they should contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.


The Australian Government is committed to delivering a fairer playing field for families and businesses when it comes to financial services.


Further guidance for businesses and consumers is available at:

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